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Historical Greek Warships 500-322 BC КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Издательство: Osprey Серия: New leading edge 132 Язык: английский Формат: pdf Размер: 27.94 Мб zero 1 2 three four five

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3 tons) Oarsmen [nautai) 170: 62 upper oarsmen (thranitai) 54 middle oarsmen (zugioi) 54 lower oarsmen (thalamioi) Armed men 14: 10 citizen marines (epibatai) 4 mercenary archers (toxotai) Specialist seamen 16: 1 sea-captain (trierarchos) 1 helmsman (kubernetes) 1 bo'sun (keleustes) 1 bow officer (prorates) 1 shipwright (naupegos) 1 double-pipe player (auletes) 10 deck-hands Crew total: 200 B1: Starboard elevation showing general arrangement. B2: Plan elevation showing general arrangement. B3: Midship section showing hull structure (isometric).

His other extant works also include the brilliant account of his adventures with the Ten Thousand (Anabasis). The quarterdeck ladder and gangway on Olympias. The bo'sun stood in the gangway, midway along, and called out instructions to the oarsmen. He had the help of the bow officer, while a piper kept time on a shrill double pipe. (Author's collection) COLOUR PLATE COMMENTARY A: HULL CONSTRUCTION The prime considerations of the Athenian shipbuilder were legroom and lightness. The total space occupied by the 170 oarsmen had to be the very minimum without interfering with their rowing.

77-78). When an Athenian was asked of his place of birth, he proudly answered: 'From where the fine triremes come' (Aristophanes Birds 108). It seems that the superior quality of Athenian ships was well worth boasting about. The stern of Olympias. Instead of a rudder hinged on the stern-post, triremes used two steering-oars, one on each side of the stern. Each was attached to a tiller (oiax), the ends of which were close together so that the helmsman could work both at once. (Author's collection) Expenditure Apart from the cost of building warships, their crews had to be paid.

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