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FIGURE 2 When process Px performs an action s\(do) we relate this to the transmission of a datum d0 by the personal computer. At the physical level this means that at the location (port 1) where cable C\ is connected to the computer variations occur in the electric voltage during a certain amount of time. Because d$ can have a considerable size (think of a file which is sent to the printer) the transmission can take a lot of time. The instantaneous event associated with r\(d0) occurs at a moment the cable 'knows' that a datum d0 has been Two simple protocols 25 transmitted at port 1.

Because of symmetry all configurations have a successor. So Li is guaranteed. 5. CONCLUSIONS This paper provides a simple method based on process algebra to verify the desired features of a Mutual Exclusion protocol. The method is truly easy to apply. Also important is that process algebra provides a tool to verify the cooperation of hardware components (assuming that these components operate correct). This was the key idea that lead to this paper: modelling a (part of a) global memory as a process.

Of Conf. on Math. Logic and Applications, Druzhba, Plenum Publ. , New York, 273-282. R. MILNER (1980). A Calculus of Communicating Systems, LNCS 92, Springer- Verlag. R. MILNER (1984). A complete inference system for a class of regular behaviours. Journal of Computer and System Sciences 28 (3), 439-466. R. PARK (1981). Concurrency and automata on infinite sequences. Proc. 5th GI Conference, LNCS 104, Springer-Verlag. W. VAANDRAGER (1986). Verification of Two Communication Protocols by means of Process Algebra, CWI Report CS-R8608, Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science, Amsterdam.

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