Bret Easton Ellis's American Psycho PDF

By Bret Easton Ellis

ISBN-10: 0679735771

ISBN-13: 9780679735779

The debatable novel a few good-looking serial killer who strikes one of the younger and classy in Nineteen Eighties ny.

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In your head,” added Olga. “T h at’s right,” nodded Rebrov. ” Vorontsov crawled to the centre of the bunker floor and sat down. “Yes. ” “Then, please, let’s have No. ” V orontsov clea re d h is th ro a t a n d spoke, p a in sta k in g ly pronouncing each word: “If I love the sea, and everything th a t resem bles the sea, and m ost of all, if I love it when it angrily contradicts me, if I have w ithin me the joy of the explorer, who urges on the ship into the unknow n, if my joy em braces the joy of the m ariner, if once my exultation h a s exclaimed: the shore h a s d isap p eared , I have shed my last chains now, the sound of infinity su rro u n d s me, in the distance sparkle space and time, well, onward, old heart.

Olga p u t h e r ear to the door and listened. Seryozha also pressed against the door. ” Olga opened the door. They w ent out. Olga carefully pulled the door sh u t, took Seryozha by the arm and led him down the staircase. “We’ll go down the sam e way,” she mumbled. As they w ere going o u t th ro u g h th e e n tra n c e , Seryozha grabbed on to Olga and started to moan. ” she yelled in a loud voice. S ery o zh a p re s se d h is face in to h e r ja c k e t a n d m o an ed louder. ” she laughed.

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