Alsos by Samuel Abraham Goudsmit; David C Cassidy PDF

By Samuel Abraham Goudsmit; David C Cassidy

ISBN-10: 1563964155

ISBN-13: 9781563964152

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With best regards "Heil Hitler! W "Your "Mentzel" ALSOS Had this character signed his name and title in full, it would have read: SS-Brigadefiihrer Ministerial-Direktor Professor Doktor Rudolph Mentzel. Bearer of the "Golden Party Insignia" and a brigadier general in Himmler's notorious SS, the Elite Guard, he was administrative chief of all war research in German universities. He held a position similar to that of Harvard's President Conant, who was president of our National Defense Research Council.

91tenfc«I Letter to Goering's headquarters about the progress of the German uranium experiments. THE FEAR OF A GERMAN ATOM BOMB Germans were way ahead of everyone else. In July, 1943, six months after Enrico Fermi had produced the first chain reaction under the the grandstand of the Chicago University stadium, the following letter was sent to the office of Hermann Goering who, in addition to his other posts, was titular head of the Reich's research council, the organization for directing and co-ordinating science in all academic institutions.

Later on it was decided to leave the equipment in place and send German scientists to work at the Paris laboratory instead. This indicated a decided interest in nuclear physics on the part of the Germans. But it should also have made it clear to us that the enemy did not have adequate apparatus themselves for this highly specialized type of research. In short, we knew very little about the Ger- learned that a with the intention of removing man uranium project, and what little we knew we almost invariably interpreted in their favor.

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Alsos by Samuel Abraham Goudsmit; David C Cassidy

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