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By Bruce L. Gardner and Gordon C. Rausser (Eds.)

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This primary quantity of the ''Handbook of Agricultural Economics'' provides paintings on subject matters principal to the economics of agriculture: the quantitative illustration of expertise; industry expectancies; loved ones construction behaviour; purchaser behaviour with doubtful caliber and defense of products; and problems with imperfect pageant in foodstuff advertising. quantity 1A treats matters in agricultural construction, representing the results of a long time of labor deepening and widening the unique concentration of agricultural economics on farm administration. as well as the speculation and estimation of construction and provide behaviour in agriculture, chapters are dedicated to subject matters on which significant developments were made: technological swap; returns to agricultural examine; the commercial constitution of agriculture, land associations and markets; and human capital and finance. chapters are extra really good to rural labour and family matters: migration and the function of ladies in constructing international locations

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The output-supply and 38 "Without time dummy variables, very small D-W statistics were obtained, suggesting misspecification" [Antle (1984, p. 417)]. 39 "The prewar is biased toward labor and mechanical technology and against land, whereas the postwar technology is biased againstlabor and towardmachineryand chemicals" [Antle (1984, p. 420)]. 40 "Actual on-farmtechnology, therefore, lagged behind agricultural research, and estimates of the prewar technology should not be expectedto show much evidence of technical change bias toward mechanical or chemical technology" [Antle (1984, p.

5) and Jorgenson (1986)] for a brief review of the history of duality. 27 "An alternative approach to production theory is to start directly from observed economic data-suppfies, demands, prices, costs, and profits. The advantage of such an attack is that the theory can be formulated in terms of causal economic relationships that are presumed [italics by YM] to hold, without intervening consmactive steps required on the traditional theory. Because this approach is not bound by computational tractability in the step from production technology to economic observations, the prospect is opened for more satisfactory models of complex production problems" [Fuss and McFadden (1978, p.

Overcoming the simultaneousequations bias caused by the endogeneity of the inputs. As we shall see in the next section, dual estimates that were supposed to solve this problem do not produce more robust results. 2. Algebraic form of the production function. Indeed, the Cobb-Douglas function is restrictive, but natural generalizations enlarged, rather than shrank, the range of results. 3. Allowing for the endogeneity of the implemented technology. This approach utilizes the variability to improve our insight of the observed productivity differences over time and across countries.

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