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Solitary flower. Borne singly or alone. (a) Solitary terminal. , Lily, Poppy, Paris (Fig. 26). (b) Solitary axillary. , Cucllrbita, China rose (Fig. 26). 6. FLOWER Flower. Modified shoot, meant essentially for reproduction of the plant. [I] Bract and Bracteoles 1. Bract. A modified, usually reduced leaf-like structure at the base of the flower. (a) Involucral bracts. Bracts present at the base of an umbel (b) Involucels. Bracts present at the base of umbellule (secondary umbel). 2. Bracteole. e.

Sericeous. 5. Spiny. , Argemone. 6. Hairy. A surface covered with hairs. (a) Pubescent. Covered with soft, short, straight hairs. (b) Puberulous. Minutely pubescent (Fig. 19A). (c) Tomentose. Densely covered with long, soft, wool-like hairs (Fig. 19B). (d) Villous. Thickly covered with long, soft hairs (Fig. 19C). (e) Velutinous. Clothed with a velvety covering composed of erect, straight, moderately firm hairs. (Fig. 19 D). (f) Woory. Denesly covered with soft, long, curled hairs looking like wool (Fig.

Superior. , Citnls, Stellaria (Fig. 39). 2. Semi-inferior. , Peach, Plum, Rose (Fig. 39). 3. Inferior. , Coriandrum, Mussaenda, Cucurbita, Guava (Fig. 39). COMPOUND GYNOECIUM APOCARPOUS GYNOECIUM [IV] Number of Locules Fig. 38. Types of gynoecium. Locule. Chamber or compartment of ovary. (a) Bicarpel/o,ry. , Fumaria. (b) Tricarpel/o,ry. , Stellaria. (c) Tetracarpel/o,ry. , Datura. (d) Pentacarpel/o,ry. , Melia. (e) Multicarpel/o,ry. , Papaver. [II] Cohesion of Carpels Alternative Terms Apocarpous/ Syncarpous.

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