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By W. Belfield, M. Dearden and G. L. Watt (Auth.)

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Repeat on the other side of the semicircle for the same eye and then repeat on both sides for the other eye and mark the vanishing point once again. You now have the limits of the field of vision for each single eye. Repeat the exercise but this time with both eyes open. Does binocular vision improve the width of the field of vision? The vertical limits of the field of vision can be plotted by using the same piece of chalk for your partner to concentrate on, but move the disc up a blackboard placed vertically immediately behind the piece of chalk.

Calculation to show the increase in the absorbing area of the intestine made by the villi This calculation is made by first calculating what the surface area of the intestine would be if it did not have villi and calculating its actual area with villi present. The following approximate dimensions of the human intestine will allow these calculations to be made. , -8 mm high 4 million The surface area of the intestine without villi will therefore be : PLUS PLUS Circumference of duodenum multiplied by length of duodenum Circumference of jejunum multiplied by length of jejunum Circumference of ileum multiplied by length of ileum.

Test each substrate before use as described below. Proteins. To 1 ml of the boiled cooled milk add excess of dilute sodium hydroxide solution and a few drops of 1 % copper sulphate solution. A violet colour indicates that proteins are present (biuret test). Starch. To a few drops of the starch suspension add a little iodine solution and note the indigo colour. Olive oil. There is no simple and safe test for this, other than smearing a few drops onto paper and noting the translucent greasy mark.

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