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By L. Ron Hubbard

ISBN-10: 159212366X

ISBN-13: 9781592123667

ISBN-10: 1592127320

ISBN-13: 9781592127320

Meet Chuck Lambert, who, although now not precisely a idiot, is accountable of letting his mind's eye get the simplest of his wits. that is simply because our younger, naive Lambert wishes his personal planet. yet instead of buy one legally from the internal division of the Outer Galactic regulate, he quickly succumbs to the flashy ads of an unsavory galactic swindler named Madman Murphy & the purported King of Planetary Realtors. What Madman is the king of, is promoting the unwary a planet that may not really correct, a planet the place one cannot take a seat simply because there is something the problem with its topic. and that is precisely what turns into the problem for our unfortunate voyager, after Chuck toils for 11 grueling years to scrape jointly sufficient funds to eventually purchase a planet of his personal.

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But if he had just now seen them, they had long since seen him and there wasn’t so much as a pet in that village. He looked it over. Comical huts, fitted with round thatch roofs, floored with river reeds. There were metal cooking pots and metal weapons. And a real, live fire smoldered in the middle of the main hut. It was common. It was almost uninteresting except that these beings were sentient and skilled in a certain culture. Perhaps he would not have had any intercourse with them at all if he had not, just as he was leaving, found the old woman.

He should be. ” This was not news. ” He unrolled a long series of photographs and beckoned up a young space officer who had a pile of documents. They were strange photographs. They were stranger documents. As the collector made his inspection, Sven continued. “Gentlemen, for the past year I have been retracking. I have visited twenty-three planets in various systems, all of them habitable, seventeen of them inhabited by humans or humanoids of which you already know something. “You will not lightly disregard my word, gentlemen, nor my evidence.

Who believed in space travel? From ample evidence received on the ground, I am prepared to attest that the majority of adventures which befell the mythical Conroy actually happened to Fitz Mallory. “It rocks your wits, I know, to understand that this man is no clown. He carried forward a complete plan to credit space travel to everyone. He returned here from his last voyage, resolved to counter the usual rebuff. He countered it with the diary. You have all read it I am sure. It is true, gentlemen.

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