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402). 22, 1514) according to Firfdlin Bey 76 CREATION OF THE SAFAW~POWER [PT I to give way and to fall back beyond Tabrfz, which was occupied by the Turlts on Rajab 16, 920 (Sept. 6, 1514). Many men of note on both sides were slain; of the Turks Hasan Pasha, Begler-begi of Rumelia, who commanded the left wing of the Ottoman army, Hasan Bey, Governor of Morea, Uways Bey of Caesarea, AyAs Bey of Latakia, and many other high civil and military officials ; of the Persians Amir Sayyid-i-Sharif of ShirAz, a protagonist of the Shi'a doctrine, Amir 'Abdu'l-BAqf, a descendant of the noted saint ShAh Ni'matu'llAh of KirmAn, Sayyid Muhammad Kamdna of Najaf,KhAn MuhanlmadI

According to contemporary European accounts he was put to death in cold blood by Isma'fl. See p. 62 infra. 3 Add. ZOO of the Cambridge University Library, f. 55. D. I 503-4) of this event ; while the equivalent chronogram S/zaltdy-i-S$dhi ("Military Coercion ") was observed by the poets and wits of FBrs to commemorate in like manner the appointment by ShAh Isma'il of his captain IlyAs Beg Dhu'l-Qadar as governor of ShfrAz. KAshin, always a stronghold of the Shi'al, received Isma'il with enthusiasm, and he held a great reception a t the beautiful suburb of Fin.

D. I 503, and died a year or so later at Diydr Bakr or BaghdAd? His brother MurAd was defeated and Shirdz occupied about the same time, and stern punishment overtook the Sunni doctors of Sunni doctors put t o d e a t h a t KAzarhn, many of whom were put to death, Kdzadn. while the tombs and foundations of their predecessors were destroyeds. The words Ra&matunZi'Z-'Alaw . i I F. 44 of Mr A. G. Ellis's manuscript. 2 See Weil's Geschichte der ChaZVen, vol. iii, pp. gz-102. Al-BasLsiri was the Commander-in-chief of the troops of the Buwayhid al-Maliku'rRahim.

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