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By H. E. Richardson

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93 B 2. 2. served" the kingdom as I first took it (see p. 44). 55 REIGN OF KHRI LDE-SRONG-BRTSAN c. D. : INSCRIPTIONS AT ZHWA'I LHA-KHANG Translation loyal and has offered still greater gifts. When I considered that I should increase the favour granted by my edict the ban-de requested that I should not increase what had been granted by the former edict. Nevertheless, since it is right to bestow a favour that does not fall short, king and ministers consulted together and because. Ban-de Ting-nge-'dzin has offered great gifts over and above what had been given when the former edict was granted, in.

19) and khye'u sprul-pas (ibid. 1. 75). But both sprul and 'phrul also denote magical transformation. There are many examples of sprul-pa in that sense in Emmerick, Tibetan Texts Concerning Khotan (see his index); while in the Mahavyutpatti 3083, 'phru{ has the Sanskrit equivalent nirmita. Compliments in letters included in the Tun-huang mss include lha dang 'dra (TLTD II 382 (78) and 'phrul dang 'dra (ibid. p. 185) which might suggest that /ha 'phrul in the inscription at Khri Ldesrong-brtsan's tomb ·n.

1 ~·''"~-~-q~~-, ~~"·~·a~1 ~~·at·~~-ea~· , "' ....... : - jt 0 45 46 50 ;? ~ ,. t. (~~l ~a'Va:l~~·2 INSCRIPTIONS AT ZHW A'I LHA-KHANG Translation royal line shall watch over the descendants of the minister Snangbzang 'dus-kong, 6 the grandfather of Ban-de Ting-nge-'dzin, giving them suitable service near their person and honouring them according to their ability. And if others should harm or oppress them, a restraining order shall be given from above. And if no offence is proved against them, heed shall not be paid to slander, and they shall not be oppressed.

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