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The mechanics of the pointer manipulations of the INSERT procedure in Fig. 6 are shown in Fig. 7. 7(a) shows the situation before executing INSERT. We wish to insert a new element in front of the cell containing b, so p is a pointer to the list cell that contains the pointer to b. At line (1), temp is set to point to the cell containing b. At line (2) a new list cell is created and the next field of the cell containing a is made to point to this cell. At line (3) the element field of the newlycreated cell is made to hold x, and at line (4) the next field is given the value of temp, thus making it point to the cell containing b.

16 Order the following functions by growth rate: (a) n, (b) √¯n, (c) logn, (d) loglogn, (e) log2n, (f) n/logn, (g) √¯nlog2n, (h) (1/3)n, (i) (3/2)n, (j) 17. , n = 2, 4, 8, 16 , . .. Give the formula that expresses the value of the variable count in terms of the value of n when the procedure terminates. 2001 18:58:23] Data Structures and Algorithms: CHAPTER 1: Design and Analysis of Algorithms Here is a function max(i, n) that returns the largest element in positions i through i+n-1 of an integer array A.

1. Program to remove duplicates. A point worth observing concerns the body of the inner loop, lines (4)-(7) of Fig. 1. When we delete the element at position q at line (6), the elements that were at positions q+1, q+2, . . , and so on, move up one position in the list. In particular, should q happen to be the last position on L, the value of q would become END(L). If we then executed line (7), NEXT(END(L), L) would produce an undefined result. Thus, it is essential that either (6) or (7), but never both, is executed between the tests for q = END(L) at line (4).

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